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Tyme Fast Food Delivers Healthy Meals In Reusable Jars

Maybe because it scratches that persistent OCD itch, but there’s something deeply satisfying about looking at layers of food in jars. From the very first moment images of mason jars crammed with intricate layers of grains and greens started popping up on Instagram, foodies everywhere dropped their flat-Earth images of dressed-down kale and cranberries for all things Ball.

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Packaging Rethink is Central to a Plastic-Free Future

A decade ago carbon offsetting was the in thing. Multinationals queued up to invest in projects that would delay the onset of manmade climate change. Even activities as polluting as Formula 1 racing could be declared carbon neutral if its proprietors were willing to dig deep enough. Signed in 1997, the Kyoto Protocol encouraged sovereign states to get in on the act, with both industrialised and emerging nations ploughing billions into carbon offset schemes.

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