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Tyme Fast Food Delivers Healthy Meals In Reusable Jars

Maybe because it scratches that persistent OCD itch, but there’s something deeply satisfying about looking at layers of food in jars. From the very first moment images of mason jars crammed with intricate layers of grains and greens started popping up on Instagram, foodies everywhere dropped their flat-Earth images of dressed-down kale and cranberries for all things Ball.

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Have You Noticed the Shift Toward Gender Neutral Packaging?

If you took a trip to your local drug store and strolled down the aisle for a stick of deodorant, it wouldn’t be difficult to figure out which products were sold directly to men or women. Assertive dark colors for the lads, more vibrant or perhaps lighter colors for the ladies.

Or, you know, pink.

However, there’s a good chance you’ll find gender neutral packaging in the very near future—and likelier still, you may have already seen it.

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Student Spotlight: ArtCenter Packaging Students Design for the Cannabis Industry

Marijuana isn’t just for smoking anymore—it’s become a hot industry that has now extended into categories like Beauty & Health, Beverages, Spirits & Liquor and more. Medical marijuana sales are projected to grow from $4.7 billion in 2016 to $13.3 billion in 2020, so for the Spring 2017 Packaging Design class at ArtCenter, The Dieline’s Founder Andrew Gibbs and Partner Jessica Deseo wanted their students to take on this booming industry. We spoke with them to learn a little more about what their students designed and what it might mean for the future of cannabis.

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Mismanaging a Brand’s Visual Assets: Why Danone’s Dumex Brand Failed in Vietnam

Without running the risk of starting off with too much brand design speak or technical lingo, visual brand assets simply are signature design elements that together form the visual identity of a brand. These are often those pieces that people spontaneously remember about a brand with. When you think of Coca-Cola you most likely will recall the color red, the signature font type and perhaps the iconic shape of the bottle. When you think of Heineken the color green comes to mind as well as the red star and maybe the smiling 'e' in the logo typeface. Without recalling a brand name or even a flavor name, shopping often takes place on autopilot and identification where recall in the brain happens based on such visual elements.

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Brandless™: A New Way For Consumers to Shop for Everyday CPG Items All at $3.00

The core mission of Brandless is to offer unrivaled quality products without BrandTax™ – the hidden costs that come with buying a national brand. Brandless is reframing the outdated CPG market and starting a movement that ushers in a new wave of consumer-activist culture and transparency: better-for-you products at the fairest price from a group of people that do good by doing well.

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Inside the Studio: 72andSunny Los Angeles

“We design all of our spaces for optimism and for productivity,” mentioned Jenny Campbell, Managing Director of 72andSunny, Los Angeles. The agency’s name is, of course, indicative of LA’s perpetually cheery weather, but that’s not exactly the case of the climates where they have other studios, including New York, Amsterdam, Sydney, and, quite soon, Singapore. Instead, it is also viewed as a statement of optimism, a recognition of the opportunities that arise in every challenge—that’s more fun, after all.

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The Beautifully Unbranded Botanical Design of Superfly

Talk about a perfect summer drink! This delightful design from B&B studio will instantly take you somewhere tropical, and the unbranded look only gives it a stronger shelf impact. We chatted with Shaun Bowen, Joint Founder and Creative Partner, B&B studio, to find out more about how this beverage from Firefly came to be, creating an unbranded packaging design, disrupting the drinks category, and more.

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