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If Pendleton Made Cologne It Would Probably Smell Like Beards and Camp Fires.

Long known for their blankets and woolen clothing, it’s almost hard to imagine Pendleton jumping into the realm of fragrances and skin care. However, Daphne Huang’s ArtCenter project does just that, imagining an entire men’s line complete with beard oil and cologne. The rustic yet refined feel of her design feels as warm and inviting as one of Pendleton’s Big Lebowski styled Westerly sweaters.

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Concept: XOC

There are so many chocolate brands out on the market today but none like XOC. Designed by Macarena Norambuena, Maria López, Mario Montull, the packaging for Spain’s beloved dessert is interpreted in a magical way. With a variety of uniquely shaped chocolates placed in packaging that makes consumers rethink how they interact with food, this concept is one for the books. 

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