EMVY Skincare Comes With a Clean Look


Choice Studio designed the clean yet striking packaging for EMVY, a new cosmetic brand that uses red grape extract in their products.

“EMVY is a brand new cosmetic brand. Based on a red grape extract and other natural ingredients.

Cruelty free, vegan and organic.”


“We took a red grape color, softened it a bit to breath some freshness and youthfulness to the packaging.

Ah, almost forgot to tell how we came up with such a naming: our client’s name is Maria Voskresenskaya.

We took her initials 'M' and 'V' and came up with something simple yet classy.

That’s how EMVY was born.”


Designed By: Choice Studio
Client: Mariya Voskresenskaya
Creative director: Erik Musin
Designer: Alexey Zadorozhnyi
3D Designer: Tim Popandopulo
Location: Moscow