The Drop Wine Gives You Vino In a Resealable Can, Insists You Drink Everywhere


By: Casha Doemland

New York-based wine company, The Drop Wine is delivering rosé in a completely unconventional way – a resealable can.

Yes, you read that correctly. The can comes equipped with a dark grey snap clip that slides back and forth, similar to a travel mug, that is guaranteed to keep your wine fresh, bubbly and crisp and easy to transport.

According to Foodbev, "the can was inspired by the need for consumers to enjoy wine on the go, appealing to the convenience and portability trends across the food and beverage industry. The resealable lid, which Drop says was developed in Germany, will add to the convenience aspect of the can and enable consumers to save the drink for later."

As per the commercials and a series of Instagram videos, The Drop also encourages you to take the wine, wherever, whenever. It doesn't matter if you're prepping for an early morning surf, hula hooping on roller skates in the park or performing random backflips off of buildings, you deserve to crack open a cold rosé, take a sip, reseal it and go about your day.

Drop founder Alexis Beechen said, “The Drop's 250ml single-servings have been hit with active and adventurous wine drinkers. Now we've revolutionized our cans to make them even more mobile. Our new 375ml with a retractable lid allows you to easily move the party from the boar to the beach or the lodge to the lake without spillage."

Remember, while it's great that you'll never spill a drop with The Drop Wine's Cali Rosé again, public drinking is still against the law in most cities around the country, so always drink responsibly.



Casha Doemland

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