Coca-Cola Releases Thermochromic Ink Cans In Turkey


By: Casha Doemland


Summertime is upon us, and Coca-Cola Turkey is doing it up right.

In partnership with Crown Holdings, a leading supplier of packaging, Coca-Cola has launched new designs for Coke Red and Coke Zero using thermochromic inks.

These new designs feature the iconic Coca-Cola red can and white logo with what appears at first glance to be a white sailboat, sun, butterfly, beach ball, ice cubes or headphones. Yet, when the drinks of chilled, a ray of four pastel colors and varying patterns transform the blank imagery into art.

How? The thermochromic ink changes the colors in response to temperature shift. Think mood rings circa the 1970s, and how the ring would change color on your finger, it did so based on the thermochromic property responding to the warmth or coldness of your finger.  

"Crown worked with dedication to facilitate the complex printing process of the four inks, a novelty in our life of work," said Matt Twiss, Marketing & Business Development Director at Crown Bevcan Europe & Middle East. "While we have used thermochromic ink technology for many commercial applications, the Coca-Cola campaign highlights its potential as a decorative tool, conveying a message of freshness and fun in an aesthetically pleasing and original way. The inks also encourage consumers to interact with the brand at point of sale and during consumption."

70 million units are expected to be produced for the 2018 campaign alone, with a large number already in the retail supply chain, according to a press release

After all this time,  Coca-Cola remains the "official drink of summer,” especially with these new swanky thermochromic cans.


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