Chase Puts a New Spin On An Old Favorite With Their Design For Tail Spin


Chase Design Group created the playful packaging for Tail Spin, a new sparkling alcoholic beverage that is looking to shake the market up.

"Labatt had a deliciously different ready-to-drink gin smash that needed a compelling name, look and personality for a new generation of consumers. Chase was excited to push the category beyond the expected and make a tasty splash that would turn heads and drive interest. We worked with the Labatt team to craft an engaging and differentiated identity for the new product line."


"Tail Spin takes the formality and craft that is the signature of so many uptight liquor brands and transforms it into a gin joint gone wild. The hand-drawn logo is surrounded by a juicy burst of flavorful filigree & splashes that express the refreshing flavor. The tail of our cheeky monkey completes the crossbar of the 'A' while his friends continue the party by framing the flavor banner. It’s an absurdly refreshing twist that cuts through the stale shelf of today’s ready to drink offerings."


Designed By: Chase Design Group