Nordic Mist Comes In From The Cold, Relaunched By Coca-Cola


By: Casha Doemland

Coca-Cola Spain has relaunched their tonic line Nordic Mist with brand spanking new designs, while simultaneously introducing Nordic Mist Fruits, a soft drink line.

There are currently four flavors of pop available, lemon with elderflower, tropical with passion fruit, orange with kumquat and lime with mint, all of which are available in aluminum cans and low in calories.

As for the Nordic Mist mixers, rosé and ginger ale have been added to the line-up.

Noric Mist brand manager Cristina Saura said, "We haven't used formulas that are used in other markets of The Coca-Cola Company, we have created each variety according to the tastes of consumers."

Elevating the designs on the bottles, they now have overlapping circles centered on the front rather than the original wrap around label. The same white, black and gold logo remains, but there's an added pop of color directly above based on the flavor that delivers a more modern feel.

If you're craving a fresh, fruitful taste of pop or looking for a little rosé to mix in with your alcoholic bevies, you can find Nordic Mist in Belgium, Chile, Finland, Guinea-Bissau, Luxembourg, Portugal and, of course, Spain.


Casha Doemland

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