Crayola Colors Outside Of The Lines With Exclusive Makeup Collection


By: Casha Doemland

Companies have been seeking inspiration from the 90s left and right. Glamour Dolls released a set of Lisa Frank inspired collection adorned with her famous unicorns and vibrant, whimsical animals. Hot Topic launched a Nickelodeon inspired eyeshadow palette stacked with characters from The Rugrats, CatDog and Ren & Stimpy. Even Lime Crime channeled her inner Polly Pocket with eyeshadow kits.

As of June 4, Crayola, the center of childhood creativity, and ASOS have joined the ranks to help you serve fierce and playful looks all day, every day.

From the yellow box with the green accents to the lookalike design of the face and lip crayons themselves, this collection of makeup screams nostalgia.

There are 95 variations of color which allow you to live your most colorful life between the 24 face crayons, 12 lip and cheek crayons,  two color-changing, four highlighters, three mascaras, five palettes and seven trios.

The dynamic duo of Crayola and Asos has got you covered.

According to Teen Vogue, everything in the range is also designed to be gender-fluid, a directive echoed in the inclusive campaign imagery. If that’s not enough, all of the makeup is vegan and cruelty-free.

So, who is ready to draw outside of the lines, and straight on your face?


Casha Doemland

LA-based and Georgia-bred, Casha Doemland spends her days crafting poetry and freelance writing. Over the last two years, she’s been published in a variety of publications and zines around the world. When she’s not nerding out with words, you can catch her watching a classic film, trekking around the globe or hanging out with a four-pound Pomeranian.