Evereden's Clean Baby Products Are Here To Shake Up The Market


Evereden Brands and Smackbang Designs teamed up to give Evereden’s baby products a striking look.


“The design packaging reflects the ethos of the brand with its strong reliance on soft pastels, as Evereden is a new clean baby skincare brand formulated for the most sensitive of skin in mind. The pastel colors evoke not only feelings of lightness and delicateness, but also of renewal, referring to both the sensitivity of a child’s skin and emphasizing the importance of having, at the very core, effective products that will help nourish the skin. The two toned graphic design reflects the role of the products themselves, for instance the Light Jasmine fragrance is indicated by the darker pink and lighter pink split, which acts as subdued floral imagery for the consumer. On the other hand, the sunscreen can be identified by the darker yellow and lighter yellow split, which is reminiscent of the sun and sunlight itself. The embossed, rose gold logo references the luxuriousness of the ingredients used in the products, many of which are borrowed from high-end women’s skincare. Within the Evereden logo itself, the leaf elicits thoughts of nature and greenery, tying the brand back to its roots and the ultimate source of all things good: nature.”


Designer: Smackbang Designs
Client: Evereden Brands
Photographer: Henry Hargreaves
Location: New York City, USA and Sydney, Australia