Notion Brewery Labels Incorporate Craft Through Bespoke Collagraph Prints


Notion was a repositioning proposal for a brewery wishing to target a younger audience demographic. Notion are an artisanal craft brewery, devoted to producing a fresh array of beers with the belief that there is a beer for everyone. The manager began his brewing journey with his father, a lifelong home brewer who previously served with the Navy. After his father’s passing, the brand was developed to continue his legacy. The branding conveys their nautical background and incorporates a clear element of craft whilst the layout allows the different beer styles to embrace their inspiration and express their individuality.


Some notable elements are: 

The logo symbolises rope and a star which represents the naval background of the manager’s father. 

The beer labels express the hand-crafted element through unique collagraph printed textures, each created using the ingredients from the corresponding beer style. 

The fluid shapes used to contain the printmaking textures are a modern representation of the liquid nature of the product and a subtle link to their oceanic story.


Designed By: Jason Phillip

Image of Hops: maxpixel

Location: York, UK