The Reel Fish Co. is Here to Make a Splash In The Canned Tuna Aisle


The Collaborators designed the brand identity and packaging for The Reel Fish Co, a brand that wants to shake up the way you look at canned tuna. With a bold color scheme and illustrations, the overall look appeals to a younger audience while maintaining a fun personality.


“The Collaborators have created a new positioning, brand identity and packaging for The Reel Fish Co. An antidote to the big tuna names, Reel Fish are on a mission to re-invigorate and disrupt the tuna aisle with a challenger brand that looks and behaves differently. With the positioning ‘Fish Unlimited’ The Collaborators developed a striking and anarchic look, made up of scrapbook ideas bursting out of a bold contemporary logo. A collage of culinary ideas, seaspiration and flavoursome ingredients, the design is aimed at getting a younger generation on board with tuna and realising its potential beyond sandwiches and potato fillers. As well as the identity and packaging designs, a vivacious tone of voice was created and a lively fun website was designed which consistently carried the new brand personality and style throughout.”


Designed By: The Collaborators
Creative Director: Mary Lewis
Design/Illustration: Ben Wills
Art Direction: Harry Knight
Words: Nicky Roberts
Photography: Neil White
Artwork: Chris Ellis
Account Direction: Helen Bertin
Strategy: David Webb
Location: Bristol, United Kingdom