Cola-Cola Clear Hits Japanese Market, Crystal Pepsi Fans Rejoice


By: Casha Doemland

Coca-Cola Japan is living its best life and diving head first into the world of beverage innovation this year.  First, they introduced a limited edition peach-flavored Coke and followed it up with Coca-Cola Frozen, a Coke-flavored slushie in a squeezable pouch.

Now Coca-Cola Japan has officially stepped into the realm of zero calorie beverages with Coca-Cola Clear. This new beverage ditches the star ingredient caramel, thus saying sayonara to the iconic dark brown color often associated with Coca-Cola.

This is not the first clear Coke to hit shelves. The original clear Coca-Cola launched during World War II when Marshal Georgi Zhukov discovered the beverage. Unfortunately, with Coca-Cola being an American-made product and symbol of imperialism, a shipment of White Coke was created – a clear bottle with a white cap and red star.

According to FoodBev, "over 50 samples were trialed before the final Coca-Cola Clear recipe was formulated, and the addition of lemon juice allowed the creation of a zero-calorie drink that was able to balance sweetness and sourness to create the ideal taste."

Though produced at their headquarters in Atlanta, Coca-Cola Japan has no plans to sell the drink worldwide.

Time to live vicariously through social media or if you're feeling spontaneous, hop on a plane to Japan to taste Coca-Cola's newest line of beverages in person. Or, if you’re on a budget, break out that cassingle of Van Halen’s “Right Now” and crack open one of the Crystal Pepsis you’ve been hoarding in your garage since the early 90s.

You know, simpler times.


Casha Doemland

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