Teasmith is a Premium Scottish Gin With Wonderful Details Within Its Packaging


FortyTwo Studio designed the wonderful packaging for The Teasmith, a high-end brand of Scottish gin. At first glance the bottle looks simple but upon closer inspection, the details really help create a design solution that echoes the notion that this product is of premium quality.

“The key to The Teasmiths packaging design is what’s inside. The gin itself is a distinct, crisp spirit made with two key botanicals - Juniper and Tea. These formed the basis for multiple elements of the bottles design. We created a pattern that depicts a tea leaf and juniper berry chain - symbolic of the way the two key botanicals are distilled separately then blended together. This was used for the transparent screenprint which when catches the light, adds an extra definition to the bottle, and adds a subtle tactility to the pour.”


“The labelling of the bottle was critical. In a crowded marketplace - we knew getting any kind of visibility was going to be tough. Each element of the design had clarity and simplicity very much at the forefront of the process. This clarity reflected the gins taste profile, while elements and finish included on the bottle exude a level of class, a quiet confidence, and a Scottishness that is the essence of the brand.”


“The wordmark grew from our custom designed typeface - Teasmith Display. To complement the texture in the recycled stock and to emphasise the detail in the identity, we embossed and foiled the logo and wordmark on the main label, as well as the watch strap closure which seals in the hand-branded the wooden stopper. The rose logomark is printed in a black foil on metalon substrate.

With an overcrowded market full of loud, modern, fussy brands - the simple elegance of The Teasmith helps it to stand proud.”


Designed By: FortyTwo Studio
Designer: Sam Longmire
Typeface Creation: Mark Kemp
Printer: Windmill Printing
Location: Aberdeen, Scotland