Check Out This Sleek and Sexy Beer Can


Julie Eckert designed the sleek and sexy packaging for this beer from Tria Taproom, a Philly-based restaurant.


“Tria Taproom is the first restaurant in Philadelphia to be completely on draft - even wine. To top that off, the kegs are hooked up to their beverage site so you can check and see how much is left of your favorite specialty beer or wine before it's gone. As a new brother to the original Tria chain, the Taproom continues to excel in beer, wine and food. I worked alongside the owners and architects to create this new identity. Recently, due to the creation of to-go crowlers, we worked together again to create a can design that would reflect the brand ideals, industrial yet barnyard, and classic yet modern. The final can design is a good mix of confident, sassy and nerdy about beer, and is a one-label fits all solution that allows bartenders to fill out the beer's name and ABV for each to-go crowler.”


Designed By: Julie Eckert
Client: Tria Taproom
Copywriter: Julie Eckert
Creative Director: Julie Eckert
Printer: Crowler Nation
Location: Los Angeles