Baby Brunello Wants To Make The Tradition of Gifting Wine a Special Experience


Canada-based The White Room designed the branding and packaging for Baby Brunello, a new brand that wants to make the tradition of gifting wine an extra special experience.


“The luxury wine market has a rich history of giving collectible wines as gifts at weddings, baptisms, birthdays, anniversaries and corporate events. TWR was assigned the task of rebranding and strategizing Baby Brunello®, an idea that stems from this common gift-giving tradition. The product is a unique modern-day time capsule created to replace the letterpress card usually attached to a gifted bottle. It provides people with a more opulent and meaningful way to showcase cherished bottles and mark special occasions. A scroll is placed inside the capsule recording key attributes about the wine itself and conveying a personal message to be read later. The tagline ‘Marking Time With Wine’ was created to make a simple statement about Baby Brunello that could be easily understood on the shelf.”


“The look we created was interchangeable; a series of commemorative images unify the placement of logos and graphics. Five backgrounds were custom created in a vibrant color palette to reflect the numerous occasions for which the wine could be given. The flexibility behind the imagery allows the brand to expand to several more skews over time and will allow artists to contribute to the series. The logo becomes part of the imagery with soft cuts to the outer border, which are embedded in the artwork. The printing of this package is very elaborate using Neenah papers, foils, a six-color process and a specialty paper for the back printed with white ink. The elegantly foiled capsule itself was custom designed and fabricated offshore. A copper elastic for attaching the capsule to the bottle is included.”

BabyBrunello0819_cropped_layers_pattern copy.jpg

Designed By: The White Room
Creative Director: Neil Rodman, Karolina Loboda
Designer: Neil Rodman
Printer: CJ Graphics
Location: Toronto, Canada