Now You Can Rosé All Day With Winc's Summer Water Societé


By: Casha Doemland

It’s summertime, baby.

You've purchased the perfect bikini and an assortment of pool floats ranging from donuts and unicorns right on down to the iconic Instagram swan. Now, the only thing missing from your picture-perfect kickback is a bottle of Rosé, the obvious drink of choice.

Fortunately, Winc has made obtaining the bottles the next three months as easy can be with Summer Water Societé, a membership that includes three months of Rosé delivered right to your door.

Between May and July, members will receive the equivalent of six bottles every month for a one time fee of $350. May and July include 3 limited-edition Magnums while June serves up a 24-pack of Summer Water Droplets.


Since no Rosé really tastes the same,  Winc wrote up tasting notes for each variety. "Dry, light and perfectly crisp – with notes of strawberry, pink grapefruit and white peach."

Or, basically, Rosé.

Summer Water Societé is a limited membership, so not everyone is granted access. Lucky for you, it's first-come-first-serve, and there are still a few spots available. If you happen to miss out on the deal, there's no reason to Hulk-out because Summer Water is available in retailers across the country. Swing by your local Whole Foods, throw 18 bottles in your cart, and you've essentially got the same deal going on, minus the swag.

Who's ready to sip Rosé all day and work on their perfect tan?

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Casha Doemland

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