Check out the Most Outstanding Designs from The Marking Awards


By: Theresa Christine

It’s always a thrill to see the finest in packaging design—projects which are selected in prestigious competitions as the most innovative around. It seems that every year, the winning entries for The Dieline Awards and the iF Awards set the bar even higher for the design industry.

This year’s winners of The Marking Awards announced at the Food & Beverage Innovation Forum 2018 (FBIF 2018) are no different. While the competition is based in China, they welcomed nearly 400 entries from agencies worldwide. Below are some of the most outstanding winners from The Marking Awards.

Marking Visual Award

Winner: LIFEWTR Series 3

Designed by: PepsiCo Design & Innovation

For their Series 3 line of art-centric water bottles, LIFEWTR partnered with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA). Emerging fashion designers left their mark, giving the bottles an elegance and unique pop of color. LIFEWTR designs provide exposure for emerging artists and creatives from the worlds of graphic design, fashion, fine arts, photography and more.

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Marking Creative Award

Winner: Mi Sao Honey

Designed by: Blue Flame Brand Development Co.

Packaging designs for honey often look terribly familiar—lots of yellow, hexagons, bees and bears. But something about Mi Sao Honey tells the story in a new way that feels delightfully playful. The adorable illustrations have a bit of an old-fashioned feel to them, and the retro typeface perfects the look.

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Marking Tech Award

Winner: Vessl Closure & Delivery Device

Designed by: RPC Ace Co., Ltd.

Instead of shipping heavy liquid containers, Vessl™ is disrupting the market with its caps pressurized by nitrogen. Vessl™ not only solves problems of space and weight when shipping items, but it extends shelf life without a chemical preservative. Additionally, when brands utilize reusable bottles with Vessl™, they can drastically reduce or eliminate waste of disposable ones.

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The Marking Award

Winner: Care for the Blind “Clicking” Sauce Bottle Design

Designed by: Guangzhou SinLien (Z.T.) Industrial Co., Ltd.

For those who are blind, small tasks like cooking can prove to be a big challenge. Think just about spices or sauces—how do you tell all the bottles apart when they’re so similar, and how do you control how much you pour? This product integrates voice prompts with the bottles to ensure people select exactly the ingredient they want, and the size of the mouth makes it easier to handle how much you use. While the shape for each of the bottles is identical, grooves make telling them apart instantaneous.

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The Marking Award

Winner: Seedlip

Designed by: Pearlfisher

It’s no surprise we love the botanical design of Seedlip. The illustration on the label is downright gorgeous, but it’s authentic, too. The arrangement includes the products own ingredients, displaying a monogram with copper detailing. Just as there are plenty of flavors to uncover in the drink, the packaging design has equally as many layers to discover.

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Student Category

Winner: Handmade Tea-White Tea

Designed by: Hang Chen, Xi`an University of Architecture and Technology

Combining the traditional craft of Chinese tea-making with the modern methods of other tea cultures, the design for Handmade Tea-White Tea is delightfully minimal.

It’s designed to highlight the production process white tea undergoes—the picking, withering, drying and preserving. Additionally, the logo of two supportive hands reflects the production forms and processes of Handmade Tea-White Tea.

As for the brewing of Handmade Tea-White Tea, it's presented in the form of traditional Chinese tea culture. The traditional teapot is combined with a modern tea bag to present an entirely new sort of beverage. This combination of traditional craft and modern methods reflects the different cultures surrounding tea.


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Theresa Christine

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