Five Star Lager Is The Best Kind of Brand Extension

By: Casha Doemland

What happens when a ride-sharing company and a brewery partner up? Safe drinking, that’s what.

Earlier this year, Lyft joined forces with Baderbräu Brewing and Popskull to provide the easy-drinking South Side Pride Brew with a Five Star Lager facelift.

“We set out to find a balance between the Lyft brand and the Baderbräu brand yet still create something distinctive," shares Beth Borum, Creative Director of Popskull. "What it boiled down to was figuring out how to take the essential communication components and bring them to life in the most interesting way. Nothing superfluous, no bells, no whistles."

The eye-catching and clever yet simple design work featured on the 12-ounce can, seamlessly combines the two brands ethos and aesthetic.  Between Lyft’s iconic colors of pink and purple serving as the main palette throughout the design along with the five stars vertically down one side to Baderbräu's logo and the phrase "love your beer" on the other, and you've got it all.

Part of the reason the special edition can came to fruition is because of the Lyft promo featured on the back. Each code is valid up to 7 days and permitted for classic rides only (sorry, no pool or SUV).  Each code grants you a 40-60% discount with a $5 cap. It's perfect for bar hopping or the last ride of the night, as the Munich Helles-style lager is smooth, light and on the sweet side. Plus, the cost of the brew will probably balance out the cost of a ride.

"We saw this less as a brand extension and more as a way to deliver the Lyft brand and the 'Safe Rides' message to consumers in a manner that was relevant, unique and engaging," states Anwar Khuri, Executive Creative Director of Popskull. "The goal wasn’t to get Lyft into the Craft Brew market. The goal was to help people get home safely and increase brand awareness of Lyft."

Lyft has currently released 24,000 cans to numerous bars across Chicago as market research, and it’s possible that consumers will see those special edition cans at even more watering holes soon.

Their dedication to safe driving didn't just start with Five Star Lager. Last year, Budweiser teamed up with Lyft for its Give A Damn campaign, where Budweiser delivered 35,000 rides across New York, Chicago, Illinois, Florida, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Texas, Georgia and D.C. throughout the holiday season.  The promo code was shared via social media for new and existing users for a $20 credit between 5 p.m. and 5 a.m. every Thursday - Saturday for patrons 21 years of age and up.

Next time you’re out drinking, order a car from a company that cares. And if you happen be pounding one back with the homies in Chicago, try doing it with a Five Star Lager with a ride courtesy of Lyft.

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Casha Doemland

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