UKIYO is Your New Favorite Aesthetically Pleasing Matcha Brand


London-based agency IWANT Design created this standout packaging for UKIYO, a new matcha brand that wants to shake things up in the market. The design is simple yet draws the consumer in with its bold typography and use of minimal geometric elements.


“UKIYO is a London based Matcha tea brand launched in 2018. We noticed that most Matcha brands felt very uniform, similar health food shop style packaging talking to the same people. However Matcha sales have been rising rapidly and attracting a new consumer group. We designed UKIYO to appeal to the health conscious visually savvy. During testing we also found that many of those that were trying Matcha for the first time, although extremely interested and wanted the amazing health benefits that Matcha offers, a few simply found the deep earthy flavours a barrier so we developed, alongside our traditional Matcha, several flavoured blends to appeal to every palette. UKIYO is the first Matcha product to connect premium design with premium quality Matcha flavours. Our beautiful range is packaged using bright eye catching Fedrigoni Woodstock papers appealing to the young and young-at-heart, design conscious, health conscious millennial. We wanted our product to be as comfortable in the food-hall and home store environment as it can on the pages of Wallpaper and Vogue.”


Designed By: IWANT Design
Location: London