The Dieline Awards 2018: Trichologist Shampoo


“Trichologist” is a professional hair and scalp care concept product that will grant users to achieve the most satisfying shampoo experience every use through packaging that is consisted of a replaceable tube, portioning release, scalp massager and a base for easy location. The modern-day shampoo experience has not been greatly innovated in either ingredient or interaction of users. Research indicated that for users to achieve the best benefit out of shampoo products, deep thorough massage and stimulation in blood flow of scalp is essential. Our team has decided to solve and communicate the proper way to shampoo for the users by providing necessary tools needed for satisfying shampooing through packaging. Consisted of four different parts, the packaging of our shampoo allows users to achieve the most satisfying shampoo experience, customized for individual customers, every shower and find the true solution to modern day shampooing.


Designed By: Pilsoo Jang & Guewan Kim
Location: New York