This Concept For Clearasil is a Bold Take on Skincare Packaging


We love this bright and bold take on packaging for Clearasil, a skincare brand that is beloved by teenagers. Student Sally Ha Lim Lee created this conceptual redesign for the brand with an intention to clearly define the product line and provide a sense of confidence overall.


“Clearasil is brand of skin care and acne medication.

The identity, messaging and the packaging structure were redesigned to speak to teens and young adults in a friendly voice to help them confidently fight acne. Packaging structures were redesigned to feel and work in the hand and on countertop to provide a stable ease of use experience. Colors and messaging were amplified to celebrate and confidently acknowledge the shared experience during this phase in young teens and adults.”


Designed By: Sally Ha Lim Lee
School: Art Center College of Design
Instructor: Gerardo Herrera
Location: Pasadena, California