Good Chemistry: Match Your Fragrance to Your Vibe


By: Casha Doemland

As if walking into Target to purchase the one item you need wasn't hard enough. Now Target is creating exclusive collections, sure to have you wandering the beauty aisle swiping things off the shelves and into your basket.

Last year, Target seriously upgraded to Tar-jay with the launch of K-Beauty Collection, The Honest Company by Jessica Alba and a celebrity haircare line by Kristen Ess. As of this past January, your favorite store now has an exclusive fragrance brand.

Inspired by different vibes and personalities, Good Chemistry features 4 collections: Confident and Charming, Good and Grounded, Vibrant and Playful and Cool and Collected.

If you've got a hot date and are looking for a little something-something to boost your mood, the Confident and Charming collection has got your back. Allow the sweet fragrances of Gardenia Palm, Jasmine Rose and Magnolia Violet help channel your inner goddess. To sweeten the deal, the packaging is chic and simple with pastels, hand-drawn florals and gold text.

If you're the homie who meditates in the relaxing presence of Mother Nature, Cool and Collected will bring you to the point of serenity with a simple spritz. Each scent and packaging highlight one of Earth's natural treasures, from glaciers and the coastline to the desert and rustic woods.

If you're feeling quirky and looking to channel a mood, Vibrant and Playful is right up your alley. Roll on a little Day Dreamer to match your hint of longing and allow your head to disappear in the polka dot clouds found right on the packaging. Prefer to be a Wild Child, mischievous and bright? Spray a little and transcend into the field of colorful flowers.

Lastly, if the heavenly aroma of walking through a garden is your happy place, Good and Grounded is the collection for you. Between the vibrant packaging with silver lettering and the scents of Apricot Bloom, Blue Bell, Sugar Berry and Water Lily, you've got everything you need.

Every one of these great scents is vegan and paraben-free and comes in a perfume, body spray and roller. Guess what? The price packages range from $9.99 to $24.99! Props to Target for making affordable, fabulous smelling fragrances.


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Casha Doemland

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