This Norwegian Flatbread Comes With Elegant Packaging


Tank Tromsø designed this elegant packaging for Flatbrød, a Norwegian flatbread brand. The design features a simple look but the overall feeling is one of a high-quality product.

“Flatbrød (english ‘flatbread’) is a traditional Norwegian unleavened bread which is usually served together with salted meat and soups.”


“The basic ingredients of Flatbrød is barley flour, salt and water. In addition to the traditional ingredients these flatbreads also consist of wild, arctic herbs Meadowsweet, Angelica and Blackberry. This is a completely different take on the traditional Norwegian flatbread, making it a more exclusive product.

These flatbreads are a local variant from the island of Rolvsøy, located on the northern tip of Norway – 71 degrees north.”


Designed By: Tank Tromsø

Location: Norway