Creating Hot Dog’s Playful Pet Treats

By: Bill McCool

There are some creatures of the natural world that defy all logic. For instance, take the curious existence of the humble Dachshund, an animal that could only have been pulled and stretched out upon a torture rack. Why evolution gifted us with this absurd monster is anyone’s guess.

However, they do make for inventive and fun packaging! Burjui Agency’s David Hovhhanisyan and his design concept Hot Dog propose a healthy dog treat housed in a playful box featuring the cartoonish dachshund in all its glory. When you remove the outer cover, the dog becomes elongated and it eventually reveals a drooling, happy pup. You also are given a window that shows the delicious sausage snacks.

It was a design concept that was born out of David Hovhhanisyan’s third year at Russia’s National Institute of Design. “I sketched the work and forgot about it,” David says, “but it took about six years and I remembered the concept and was very inspired by it. I decided to redesign the idea and now you can see what came of it.”

Take note, young designers: always, always, always keep everything handy for future reference.

The assignment itself, according to David, was to design creative packaging with no regard to audience or cost. “The concept itself, David says, “somehow occurred to me in a flash when I was looking at photos on the internet and I came across an illustration of a long dachshund. The design itself arose from a package of matches.” As for inspiration, he wanted to showcase the kind of tasty treat he would buy for his own dog, Rock.

When he came back to the design, he wanted to visually display a treat that would not only prolong your dog’s life and health, but its happiness as well. Hence, Hot Dog was reimagined as a line featuring three different flavors.

With any luck, David’s Hot Dog concept will be stocked at your local pet food store in the near future featuring its iconic dachshund, which is clearly a cartoon and not a real breed of dog whatsoever.

Bill McCool
Bill McCool is a freelance writer based out of Los Angeles. Though new to the world of design, he has always been a storyteller by trade and he seeks to inspire and cultivate a sense of awe with the work and artists he profiles. When he's not winning over his daughters with the art of the Dad joke, he is usually working on a pilot, watching the Phillies, or cooking an elaborate meal for his wife.