This Concept Aims To Make Choosing a Colored Pencil Easier for Those Who Are Colorblind


Chen Zhi Liang designed the conceptual packaging for NOMA, an innovative take on colored pencil packaging that aims to make choosing a color accessible even for those who struggle with colorblindness.


“NOMA is a conceptual packaging design for colour pencils targeting the colour deficient. The packaging uses a symbol-coded system to represent each colour. The overall graphics focuses on creating a smooth and uninterrupted user experience. The unique structure of the packaging allows the user to separate the colour pencils into dark and light tones. The packaging can further be a pencil stand or as flat packaging according to user preference.”


“Curious Matter Andina Grey is selected for the packaging paper as it provides a sand-like texture and will help to leave a sensual impression on anyone who comes across the packaging.”


Designed By: Chen Zhi Liang
School: Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore
Location: Singapore