This Clever Gift Encourages You to Take Your Anger Out on a Gingerbread Man


Central Station created this beautiful typographically-driven packaging for a humorous 2017 holiday gift for their clients.


“This year we decided that we’d dispel the typical agency gift norms and give our clients what they really want – the opportunity to bite the head off of someone at the agency. Fortunately, these Gingerbread Men don’t hold a grudge and the experience won’t leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Happy Holidays from all of us at Central Station!”


Agency: Central Station
Creative Direction: Brad Monk
Design Direction: Jeff Millar, Dave Rodgers
Graphic Design: Rocco Pelle
Account Supervisor: Rebecca Kearon
Production: Manny Machado
Baker: Renee Millar, CakeWalk Confections
Location: Toronto, Canada