These Supplements Are Designed To Stand Out In Your Medicine Cabinet


French designers Jean-Baptiste Gouraud and Edouard Fornas teamed up to create this beautiful clean packaging for Nutri & Co, a company that specializes in food supplements.

“Nutri & Co is a young start up in Paris that designs and markets food supplements, from the creation of formulas to online sales, to the design of bottles. You can find our products on Amazon Europe only. (Bestseller magnesium in Amazon France)”


“We design formulas specially adapted to the limits of the modern diet. Our supplements are inspired by the latest advances in nutrition and offer the purest ingredients at the right dose.

As the shelves of pharmacies and organic shops are very busy, we decided to set up a very recognizable shape (the V-label) that will be extended to the whole line of products. The bottle offers a strong light-dark contrast, which attracts the eye in a store.”


“Nutri & Co is part of a process to democratize food supplements. The idea is to assimilate them to cosmetics: when you buy a beautiful fragrance or a brand new cream, the bottle proudly stands in your bathroom. Our ambition is to place our bottles at the same level. You take care of your outer envelope, and well with Nutri & Co you will take care of what's in it.”


Designed by: Jean-Baptiste Gouraud and Edouard Fornas
Company: Nutri & Co
Country: France