Reach Your Hair Goals With These Sleek and Modern Bleaching Products


Argentinian brand Godrej has come out with a redesign for their hair bleaching products, and boy do they stand out. With a metallic color scheme and a nice use of condensed typography, these products look sleek and modern, like your hair color should look!


“To support the new brand architecture of the company we had to design the new packaging of all our products. Until that moment we had different containers for our entire line of bleaching powders, thus weakening the brand because of its lack of consistency. The whole line migrated to a container in common: Doy Packs.”


“Regarding the design aspect we discovered that the hairdresser market in Argentina was very receptive to another type of communication, a more direct and personal one: That is why we implemented ‘Packaging that Speaks’ to our new line.”


Designed By: Godrej Argentina Design Team
Location: Argentina