This Anti-Cellulite Gel Has a Fresh New Look


Metaklinika redesigned the packaging for Thiomucase, an anti-cellulite gel that has widespread popularity in the Southeast European market. The design is clean and fresh, providing for an appealing new look.

“The main challenge in redesigning the Thiomucase gel was to add to the packaging a touch of a premium cosmetic product, and to visually dissociate it from pharmaceutical products. On the other hand, it was very important that the product design remains refined and minimalist.”


“The main visual motif on the packaging is a hot summer landscape. The key visual quality of the design is a carefully chosen typography that adds to the impression of sophistication and indicates a high-quality product. The details of the gold foil print emphasize elegance and premium quality, while the drawn icons additionally underline the effects and functionality of the product.”


Agency: Metaklinika
Client: Hemofarm STADA Group
ACC: Marina Nikolić
CD: Nenad Trifunović, Lazar Bodroža
AD: Nenad Trifunović, Sandra Milanović
D: Sandra Milanović
Location: Belgrade, Serbia