Blumbey Comes With Some Seriously Gorgeous Geometric Packaging


Check out this gorgeous geometric-inspired label. EstudioArgo designed the beautiful packaging for Blumbey.

“Blumbey is a fresh and soft alcoholic beverage that combines the freshness of the waters of the Andes, with the nectar character of the flowers of the West zone of Argentina. Although it is produced by a process similar to that used in mead, a completely different product with unique characteristics is achieved.”


“For the packaging we try to convey the complexity of the drink, the freshness and purity of the spring water used in the process and the character of the flowers from which the nectar is extracted. 

The label has a unique die that emphasizes the central flower and the mark made in golden stamping with details in gold ink for the points that simulate the pistils of the flower and the technical and legal details.”


Designed By: EstudioArgo
Client: Këlevi
Location: Mendoza, Argentina