Ice Lair Is Bringing The Chill Factor


Aleksei Pashnin has designed the packaging for Ice Lair, a line of e-cigarette liquids. The blue color and the overall design reinforces the cooling aspects of the product while capturing the attention of the consumer.


“The task: To develop a name, logo and label design for liquids for electronic cigarettes. The key feature of the product is the cooling effect. The product is intended mostly for export to China and CIS countries.”


“The solution: Highlighting the two key features of the product - the cooling effect and the destination for export, I used the image of a bear as a symbol of Russia, portraying it as a frosty pattern on the glass, which refers us to the cooling effect of the product as well as to the harsh Russian winter. The name ‘Ice Lair’ also emphasizes the feature and complements the image of the product.”


Designed By: Aleksei Pashnin

Location: Moscow, Russia