Tierra is a Conceptual Brand Inspired By The Great Outdoors

Student Sofia Llaguno designed the branding and packaging for Tierra, a conceptual brand that specializes in rustic products created for the outdoors.

“Tierra is a name that honors mother nature. The key influence is the connection between nature and us, with a clean and simple approach contrasting with an intrepid and vibrant touch.”

“The beauty of being connected with nature delivers almost an immediate reward. Being outdoors brings us energy, excitement, and uncertainty. Tierra products are focused on inspiring and promoting outdoor adventures; both for the experienced and the amateurs, reflecting the authentic feel of California’s energetic environment.”


Designer: Sofia Llaguno
Credits: Alireza Jajarmi, Peggy Chu, Ray Dao, Kimberly Di Santo
Instructor: Thomas McNulty
Location: San Francisco, USA