This New Feminine Skincare Line is for the Woman Who Loves Her Skin

Ocio Studio designed this hip feminine packaging for new South Korean beauty brand, SOS Cosmetics.

“SOS is a new South Korean cosmetics brand that wants to help women with a daily skin care protection and routine. We created new branding for a set of makeup products that have premium quality for the luxury Asian market. The main features of this set are the skin masks for the healthy and perfect care of a woman’s daily treatment. 

With a clean look that is sophisticated and feminine, a color scheme of balanced and soft tones with gold bring a bit of luxury to the overall look without it being ostentatious. SOS is perfect for the women who love their skin and want to enhance their natural features.”


Design: Ocio Studio 
Creative Directors: Beatrice Righi, George Shatirishvili
Client: SOS Cosmetics
Country: South Korea