Check Out This Clever Tongue-Inspired Concept for Candy Packaging

Victoria Ax designed this clever and unique conceptual packaging for candy. The design features tongue-shaped cutouts and is appropriately named Tongue Bongue.

“I came up with a package for candies in the form of a tongue. We use the language to absorb all sorts of delicious things. Lollipops in the form of a tongue creates a surrealistic metaphor ‘tongue in the tongue.’”

“For the packaging, I used a mouth and tongue. On the tongue, berries and fruits are arranged in the way, that we already visually see, with what taste lollipops are. 

The tongue starts at the back of the box, covers the opening area of the box (works as an additional protection against opening), and closes through a slot in the mouth. 
It turns out to be a box-mouth in which lollipops-tongues lay.”


Designed By: Victoria Ax

Location: Moscow, Russia