Hunt & Brew Coffee Launches Tattooed Packaging To Appeal to the Modern Man

Aussie branding agency Boxer & Co. has designed a new series of illustrative, tattoo-inspired bottles for cold brew coffee company Hunt & Brew. 

"Inspired by unique coffee from all around the world, Hunt & Brew evokes each flavour’s individual attitude and personality through animals that are native to the origin. The predatory nature of the animals gives the brand its name."

"The single minded monochrome design and hand-crafted ‘tattoo’ style illustrations cut through on shelf and tap into the primary target – the ‘modern man’ who seeks a fresh, quality brew and appreciates aesthetics to match."

Designed By: Boxer & Co.
Designer: Nicoletta Braach-Maksvytis
Creative Director: Mark Haygarth
Illustrator: Kerby Rosanes
Location: Australia