This Clever Promotional Packaging Comes With Its Own Delivery Box

Josh LaFayette, a Designer/Illustrator from Atlanta, created this clever self-promotional packaging that comes in a handmade pizza box.

“This box + booklet combo was designed and produced to be a self-promotional mailer. I am an independent illustrator/designer, and I send these boxes to agencies/brands/people that I want to work with. I wanted to create something where the container would be the art (i.e. where I wouldn't have to put the mailer in an envelope thereby ‘hiding’ it from the recipient), something that would ship securely (and cheaply) through the post and grab the receiver's attention when it arrived.”


Designed/Illustrated By: Josh LaFayette 
Box Silkscreen By: Danger Press
Booklets Printed By: Smartpress
Business Cards Printed By: Moo
Stickers Printed By: Sticker Mule
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA