DUMAY Keeps Your Cognac Cozy with an Adorable Sweater on the Bottle

When winter rolls around, it’ll be time to break out the sweaters, scarves, and hats. When designing the Winter Edition of DUMAY Cognac, LINEA - The Spirit Valley Designers turned to attire for inspiration and created a festive package that will get you ready to celebrate.

“Wishing to pay tribute to his ancestry, the great-grandson of Felix DUMAY (Explorer doctor and son of a distiller) asked LINEA Packaging Design Agency to create the first "mountain" Cognac. For this edition exclusively distributed in mountain chalets, DUMAY Cognacs offers a brand new experience adorning the bottle with dress codes of the far North. A jumper with large mesh and a Jacquard pattern, easy to recognize, entirely covers the bottle. The light, handy and convenient flask size is perfect for on-the-go and of course responsible consumption. As for the finishing touch, it conveys a craft and authentic spirit desired for this winter Cognac with its own unique character.”


Designed by: LINEA - The Spirit Valley Designers

Country: France