Mimbo Wines Will Help Transport You To the Beach or the Mountains

Just in time for the summer, Montalbán Estudio created this fun packaging for Mimbo Wines. The design features adorable travel-inspired illustrations and playful typography, making this a solid choice to sip on while taking in the sunshine.

"Tropical fruit, green sparkles, smell of strawberries, freshly cut flowers and nuts. It is not a party, but the aromas and flavours of Mimbo are cause for celebration. All the places are idyllic with this Rioja wine made for young people. This is reflected in this Bordeaux bottle with icons that take you to the beach, or to the mountains with rose Mimbo. The two-ink silkscreened bottle lets you see the beautiful color of the wine and in addition, its vinolok stopper allows it to be reused once it is empty."


Agency: Montalbán Estudio
Client: La General de Vinos y Licores 
Year: 2016
Creative Directors: Cristina Caballero & Víctor Montalbán
Art Director: Cristina Caballero
Designers: Cristina Caballero, Víctor Montalbán & Alba Saborido
Illustrator: Cristina Caballero
Photographer: Unpardedos Fotografos
Copywriter: María Rubio Tobalina
Location: Spain