Sweden's Newest Cold-pressed Cleansing Drink Debuts with a Sleek, Modern Aesthetic

French-born graphic designer Philippe Bordonado founded his studio practice in 2010 and has been collaborating with a dynamic network of product designers, photographers, copywriters and brand strategists ever since. Bordonado specializes in packaging and retail for an international and varied client base, so it was a perfect match when Swedish holistic health and lifestyle blogger Filippa Samuelsson approached him to design her new line of green cold-pressed cleansing drinks. 

"The idea was to have a design that felt timeless, urban and make the vibrant green color really visible. The drinks are produced by hand and sold in Stockholm, Sweden where it now can be seen in the hands of modern and health-conscious people walking the streets."


Designer: Philippe Bordonado design

Client: Filippa Samuelsson

Location: Stockholm, Sweden