Atlas Coffee Club Packaging Takes You on a Caffeinated Journey Around the World

A different variety of coffee bean sent to your doorstep each month—plus stellar packaging? Yes, please! We can’t get enough of Atlas Coffee Club, a subscription service that delivers some of the best coffee in the world from places like Tanzania, Kenya, Guatemala, Colombia and beyond. The designs on each bag are inspired by the coffee’s origin, and the front is free from any logos or text so as to not have any branding distractions for customers.

“In Pursuit of the World’s Best Coffee: So begins our journey! To be a part of Atlas Coffee Club is to be a part of an adventure to pursue the world’s best coffee. We're transforming an ordinary 10- minute trip to the grocery store into a quest to far-off countries like Ethiopia, Kenya, and Indonesia.”

“As I write this at Atlas HQ, the coffee in my cup has traveled 9,028 miles from Tanzania to Texas. For a moment, imagine yourself in Tanzania, looking out at the illuminated sprawl of golden plains, warmed by the sun. Place yourself at the foothills of Africa’s largest mountain, Mt. Kilimanjaro. Find yourself on the sands of Zanzibar surrounded by whale sharks and colorful coral reefs. This is where your coffee comes from—and it tells a story you can’t find on a shelf.”

“With over 50 countries producing flavorful and delicious coffee, we’ve got a whole lotta travelin’ and cultural explorin’ to do! Our mission, as your coffee tour guides, is to show you the best and skip the rest.”

“Each morning with Atlas Coffee Club, we want you to brew a world-class experience. We transform your daily routine into an adventure. We can’t wait to share more fascinating coffees, bright flavors, beautiful cultures, lush landscapes and communities that connect us all.”


Designed by: Atlas Coffee Club

Country: United States