The Dieline Awards 2017: HONOUR Essentials Skincare

Living well in the modern world doesn’t have to come at the expense of our planet. To significantly reduce waste, we went beyond sourcing eco-friendly materials to build heirloom-quality pieces that are indispensably beautiful and unforgettable.

HONOUR’s refillable, USA-forged Keep Good skincare canister is where form and function brilliantly meet. A perfect seal locks in freshness, while solid precision-carved reclaimed aluminum adds an element of understated style. The compostable Refill pod casing is made from remnants of pressed sugar cane, while the pods themselves are recyclable, and use up to 40% less material than similar packs.


Designed By: KNOCK, inc.
Creative Director: Todd Paulson
VP Creative Execution: Creighton King
Designer: Meenal Patel
Production Artist: Sherry Meyer
Copywriter: Gene Valek
Account Director: Susan O'Keefe
Project Manager: Cari Degan
Location: Minneapolis, MN, USA