Rhythm Superfoods Makes Healthy Eating Look (and taste) Good

“Life’s a journey, bring a snack!” Snacks get a bad reputation for ruining your health, but not all snacks are created equal. Ptarmak designed the healthy snack line Rhythm Superfoods that will fill you up and make you feel good, making it so you won’t ever miss a beat.

“Find your Rhythm and never miss a beat with Rhythm Superfoods, a do-good snack innovator focused on providing deliciously awesome snacks, so you can feel balanced, nourished and fully in the groove. We kept the beat strong with sunny colors and fresh veggies that celebrate the nutrition that Rhythm packs into every bite of their super foods. This eye-catching and straight-forward system showcases the authenticity of their desire for snacks to empower health and happiness.”


Designed by: Ptarmak

Country: United States

City: Austin, TX