Farmacy Beauty's Unique and High-End Honey Potion

VP+C designed the unique packaging for Farmacy Beauty’s new product, Honey Potion. The box that the product comes in is shaped in an uncommon format, providing for a delightful unboxing experience.

"Farmacy is a farm-to-skincare line that places emphasis on both natural farm-grown ingredients coupled with scientific innovation. Hand-drawn illustrations and clean, modern typography are used to represent the seemingly polarizing brand pillars of farm and science.

Throughout the Farmacy skincare line, 6-sided boxes are constructed in a unique format that unfolds to reveal the brand story on the inside. For the Honey Potion product specifically, the custom-molded hexagonal jar (inspired by honeycomb) has a signature wood cap and comes with a steel spatula for product application. A surprise feature of the component is a hidden magnet inside the cap that helps with user-friendliness and prevents the common issue of lost spatulas!"


Agency: VP+C
Design & Art Direction: Margaret Park
Creative Director: Mark Veeder
Illustration: Kei Meguro
Location: New York, NY