An Olive Oil that Pays Tribute to the History of Greece

“Amphora Olympia - History is in the making!” Amphora Olympia Extra Virgin Olive Oil does more than just celebrate one of the finest food products to come from the country—it also honors the birthplace of the Olympic Games. Sophia Georgopoulou | Design developed packaging that highlights the olive oil as the fine product that it is with a simple icon and typography that gives consumers a sense of place.

“The Brief: to create the brand identity of Amphora Olympia, a brand new series of premium quality Organic and Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Greece that is targeted for the foreign market. The brand pays tribute to the history of the birthplace of the Olympic Games, ancient Olympia where olive trees were grown not only for their fruits but also to honor the triumphant athletes.”

“The Design Concept & Design: given the brand name we focused our design strategy in depicting the ancient practice of preserving olive oil in amphorae that led us to a very clear cut logotype. The circle in the middle of the logo symbolizes the olive oil and ancient Olympia (letter O) and is placed at the center of an amphora shape which is inspired by the letter A of the word Amphora, and all together are concealed in a black circle. This idea helps the eyes of the beholder focus on the essential message: this is an olive oil of Greek origin and carries all the qualities of this heritage. The different colors—depicted here on the ‘O’—showcase the varieties of the product.”

“The overall minimal and modern treatment in terms of aesthetics highlights the premiumness of the quality of the product and places it in the upper class market segment of Extra Virgin Olive Oils.”


Designed by: Sophia Georgopoulou | Design

Client: Amphora Olympia

Concept & Design: Sophia Georgopoulou

Creative Copy & Tagline: Nikos Vlachogiannis

Photography: George Pavlakos

Bottle Print: Kouvelas S.A.

Box Print: Pallas S.A.

Country: Greece

City: Athens