The Organic and Bold Packaging of First Light Meat

At a time where transparency within the food industry is becoming more and more important, packaging that reflects this has become increasingly crucial. Dow Design Ltd designed the packaging for First Light, a grass-fed meat company, with just that concept in mind.

"The roots of this grass-fed meat business is what inspired us to create a very individual, organic and bold identity for them. They are a small cooperative of inventive farmers and rule-breaking meat men, determined to find a better way to get better quality meat to market - global markets that is - with the profits going to those doing the hard work in the field. And that’s pretty much why we ended up with an expressive signature for their logo. It stands for the people of this brand - their personal accountability all the way from the hands-on, humane farming of some very individual animals, to the end user’s experience of their product; and to the creativity that seeded a new way, a better way for taste, for people, for animals and for business. That’s the marrow of a truly beautiful meat."


Agency: Dow Design Ltd
Client: First Light Meats Ltd 
Creative Director: Donna McCort 
Senior Designer: Leonie Whyte 
Account Director: Rebecca Hamer
Account Manager: Michael Statham 
Production: Carl Dixon, Ben Dean, Jamie Pettigrew 
Photography: Kieran Scott
Location: Auckland, New Zealand