The Gritty Surreal Branding for this Russian Restaurant is Unique

Moscow based agency Suprematika designed the branding and identity for Grut, a local restaurant and brewery. The design takes inspiration from wood and the rings of trees while also incorporating surreal imagery. The black and white images and gritty texture draw in the viewer and provide for a unique experience while dining in the restaurant.

"Grut is a restaurant and brewery in Moscow. The restaurant has a unique interior. Concrete, wood, metal constructions, unlined wall, immersed in the green terrace, its own brewery. Every detail of the subject and in the restaurant are made by hand and of 'living' materials: wood treated with designers arrays into lamp, wall decor and furniture." 

"The identity is based on a minimalist font sign and philosophical illustrations, where a tree's cut textures come alive and transform into a variety of landscapes." 


Agency: Suprematika

Art Director: Vladimir Lifanov

Location: Moscow, Russia