Craig Alibone Chocolate Will Captivate Your Eyes and Your Stomach

by north™ created the sophisticated and striking identity and packaging for Craig Alibone Chocolate, a gourmet handmade chocolatier in Norway. The packaging is typographically driven but executed in such a way that reinforces a feeling of elegance and high-quality. The juxtaposition of black and white allows for the various products to stand out and demand attention, from both your eyes and your stomach.

"Craig Alibone is a pastry chef who specializes in handmade chocolate. Craig got his education from Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Pâtisserie in France where he studied with some of the most famous names in the profession of artisan chocolate. He later moved to Bodø where he in 2016 opened his own boutique and patisserie. We got to know Craig in 2015 and we were immediately impressed by his passion and unique skills. Since then we’ve formed a creative partnership resulting in a unique and attention-grabbing visual language. It has been incredibly rewarding to work with a client who has such incredible attention to detail and aesthetics in every aspect of his work." 

"The logo is based on a hand-drawn typeface to give a unique expression and to emphasize the craft that goes in to every single product. The visual identity is restrained with a strong focus on photography presenting Craig's creations. We also designed a system for the packaging which is easy to expand with new products since the labels are printed in-house. The full scope of delivery includes a complete visual identity, a wide range of packaging, website, printed material and photography."


Design and Photography: by north™
Web Development: Hanne Johansen
Location: Bodø, Norway