Dancing Goat Dairy’s Packaging Will Make You Want to Eat All the Cheese

By: Bill McCool

After a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, Dancing Goats Dairy (DGD) reached out to Refinery 43 about redesigning the packaging for their exceptional artisanal goat cheese.

They wanted to honor the tradition of French cheesemaking, but they also needed to be fresh and exciting because DGD founder Erin Bligh was breaking into what was considered a male-dominated field.

“Erin actually studied cheese making in France where she first fell in love with the art of crafting an exceptional chevre,” Refinery 43 Creative Director Kelsy Stromski says. “It was important to mention ‘Old-world, French-style’ on the package but it was not the most important piece of the story. Instead, we highlighted a few classic design elements with a bold serif font for the name and a traditional etching style illustration of the dancing goats.” Those goats on the packaging were drawn by illustrator Sophy Tuttle, and in keeping with Erin’s own foray into farming, they used a picture of her first two goats, Bonnie and Kipper.

Refinery 43 also wanted to elevate DGD by effectively telling their story with a brand new visual identity and package design by focusing on three key brand characteristics—youthfulness, chic, and quality.

“For youthfulness, there’s a vibrancy that’s highlighted with pops of color and a wittiness in the copy—which is also playful and conversational,” Kelsy says. “For chic, the package needed to keep a clean, polished look, a no-fuss food that had a bit of a sophisticated edge. Lastly, quality, to create such an exceptional product no corners are cut. Because each batch is crafted by hand in conjunction with the with state of the art cheese making equipment, the packaging needed to match the pride put into every fine attentional to detail of the DGD cheese.”

Those fine details make for playful packaging, and the underside even features recipes and the DGD origin story without feeling messy or crowded.

“We wanted to make sure we injected as much of the DGD brand as possible to make the biggest impact on such a little product,” Kelsy says. “Why be boring, especially when you have such a young fresh company to work with—‘Refrigerate upon purchase’ is one example where the verbiage had to legally be displayed—but adding the line ‘Or, you know, eat it all, we won’t judge’ helps to set the mood.”

Refinery 43 also created a visual flavor profile for the upstart cheesemaker. ”Not only would color be the perfect identifier for each flavor but fun, abstract patterns helped to reinforce this so clients could easily identify the flavor. With navy, white and subtle pops of teal serving as the core brand colors we were able to.”

No word yet on when DGD’s highly coveted chevre will make its way out of Massachusetts, but fingers crossed, it will be available at a Whole Foods near you very, very soon.

Photo credit: Kayana Szymczak

Bill McCool
Bill McCool is a freelance writer based out of Los Angeles. Though new to the world of design, he has always been a storyteller by trade and he seeks to inspire and cultivate a sense of awe with the work and artists he profiles. When he's not winning over his daughters with the art of the Dad joke, he is usually working on a pilot, watching the Phillies, or cooking an elaborate meal for his wife.