These Canned Socks Will Make For An Adorable Holiday Gift


Luckies of London created this adorable packaging for their “Soup Socks.” Each can features a different “flavor” or style of sock, making for a cute and clever gift.

“Fresh, delicious and a true winter warmer. These fun and fashionable socks come styled as Minestrone, Carrot & Corriander and Spring Vegetable soups.”


“Designed in homage to the pop-art soup tins of the 60s. Each sock features vibrant colours and oversized vegetable chunks to create an abstract soup pattern. Sealed for freshness in tin cans with easy 'pop' lids and featuring 80GSM matt laminate, paper wrap to add a touch of sophistication to the humble tin can. The oversized pattern is replicated on the tins themselves, making them instantly distinguishable from each other. Suitable for vegetarians…”


Agency: Luckies of London 
Creative Director: Xavier Unwin
Designers: Xavier Unwin, Callum Collie, Miguel Latorre
Location: London, UK